Take Hydrating Your Skin to the Next Level!

To keep that perfect glow, celebrities are always extolling the virtues of staying hydrated for great, healthy skin. If you’re trying to take your hydration to another level in these last days of summer, the mini portable water cooling fan from Sophiticate can help with that.

This lightweight fan keeps you feeling fresh all day. Just pour some ice water into the 150 ml water tank, and you’ll get a stream of cool air within seconds! With a 10-hour battery life, this mini fan is perfect for all your indoor and outdoor activities.

The Sophiticate fan works in three, adjustable wind speeds, and the wind direction — also adjustable within 80 degrees — goes up and down to give you just the right amount of chill.

Keep your skin breathing like the stars with the mini cooling fan from Sophiticate, available here for $39.99, a cool 42% off the retail price of $69.


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