Talulah Riley Slams Rumors She Was Set Up with Ex-Husband Elon Musk by Ghislaine Maxwell

Talulah Riley is speaking out about the rumors surrounding her relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell.

The 34-year-old actress, and ex-wife of Elon Musk, shared a statement on Twitter, slamming rumors that she knew Jeffrey Epstein‘s alleged accomplice after a photo of Elon and Ghislaine started circulating online.

“To my knowledge, I have never met Ghislaine Maxwell,” Talulah wrote. “A photo of Elon and Maxwell is doing the rounds, taken at a party where I was also present. It is possible I was briefly introduced to her, but not in any way that I can remember. Elon and I met thousands of people over the course of our relationship. There will be countless photos of Elon with people he doesn’t know/happened to be stood next to at a party.”

Talulah then went on to slam the implication that Ghislaine had set her up with Elon as a “child-bride.”

“The other thing I have seen implied is that Maxwell procured me as some kind of child-bride for Elon,” Talulah continued. “Again, I don’t know Maxwell. Elon and I met when I was twenty-two and he was on a business trip to London. It was a chance meeting, engineered by no one.”

Elon and Talulah were married twice. They were first married from 2010 to 2012 when they first split. They then got re-married in 2013 until their divorce in 2016.

Ghislaine was arrested earlier this week on child sex trafficking charges.

You can read Talulah‘s full statement below.

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