Ten best beauty products to fit in suitcase that won’t take you over 20kg limit

Ah, summer holidays.

It's all fun and games until you start having to think about squeezing all the make-up, skincare and hair products you might need into a 20kg case.

It just always seems impossible to do a good edit of beauty essentials when there's so much you might need.

Not to worry though, we've done the hard work for you.

Notebook's beauty team have picked their favourite new products that they deem well worth the space in your case.

Here's the one's you may want to invest in before jetting off on your hols…

1. Frizz Tamer

Aussie Lightweight Treat 3 Miracle Oils Frizz, £9.99

Octavia says: ‘This uses hemp seed extract to smooth hair, but what I like most
is you can use it any time on hols.

'Pre-wash treatment for benefits without the weighed-down feeling?

'Yup. On freshly washed hair to help style? Yup. A little to control dry ends? It does it all.'

2. Perfect holiday glow

Vita Liberata Beauty Blur Sunless Glow, £29.95

Zoe says: ‘This has all the things I love about the original Beauty Blur (glow boosting, complexion smoothing), but with the added benefit of a gradual tanner.

'I didn’t bother with foundation on holiday, I just wore this (plus undereye concealer and bronzer) for the evening.’

3. Skin saviour

The Body Shop Vitamin E Quench Sheet Mask, £3.50

Octavia says: ‘My skin doesn’t take kindly to sun (tan? What’s that?), so I always have a sheet mask or two slipped into the front of my suitcase as a Day 5 pick-me-up.

'This is my current fave, which is calming, cooling, nourishing  AND biodegradable (yay!).

'Perfect to apply during the afternoon siesta.’

4. Face fixer

Botanics 100% Organic Restoring Overnight Facial Oil, £11.49

Lynne says: ‘When I’m away, my skin regime is minimal – that means moisturising SPF50, a good micellar cleanser to wipe off make-up, and a nourishing oil to keep my skin smooth.'

'This newbie from Boots has the advantage of calming essential oils for extra holiday chill.’

5. Haircare trio

Sachajuan Ocean Mist Mini Collection, £24

Zoe says: ‘I never have luggage space for full-sized shampoo and conditioner, so these 100mls are perfect, with the added bonus of a 50ml styling spritz.

'They kept my hair soft and tamed to perfection, and the blue reminds me of sunshine and azure waters.'


6. Travel-friendly fragrance

MOR Belladonna EDP, £15 for 14.5ml

Lynne says: ‘This is one of five very pretty new purse sprays, and it’s going to be my summer fragrance fling.

'It’s a melting pot of dreamy holiday hotspots, blending Moroccan rose and French cassis, and it’s like sunshine in a spritz.’

7. Sleep sorted

Holistic silk eye mask, £55

Lynne says: ‘I used to think eye masks were a silly, uncomfortable novelty I’d never buy, let alone spend OVER FIFTY QUID on (I know, I know), but I wear this one every night at home and it’s the first thing I pack.

'Not only does it block out light flooding through hotel curtains, the soft shape moulds to my eyes, never slips, and gets me to sleep faster than any all-inclusive wine.

'If £55 is too eye-watering, Tempur do a snuggly padded one for £30.’

8. 2-in-1 make-up

Milk Make-Up Glow Oil Lip & Cheek, £12

Zoe says: ‘I’m a big fan of using lipstick on my cheeks when I’m not near a blusher, so this 2-in-1 is ideal.

'The shade Halo looks like a very bright pink in the stick, but applies as a flattering, dewy wash of rose and made my skin look instantly healthier.’

9. The only eyeshadow you need

Clarins Ombre Sparkle Eye Shadow in Gold Diamond, £18

Octavia says: ‘I’ve flirted with bright turquoise, emerald green and punchy plum shades on holiday, but experience has taught me nothing is more flattering on any skin tone than gold and sparkly.

'This is a lovely old gold with enough shimmer to shine in the sunset/candlelight.’

10. Eyeliner essentials

Lynne says: ‘The one thing that’s streamlined my holiday make-up more than any other is the eye stick.

'Rather than lugging palettes, I use waterproof crayons or pencils that glide on like velvet then set.

'I’ll define around the lash line for day then smudge into the crease for night.

'My fave 2019 arrivals are Zoeva Heritage pencils, £9.80, for a metallic gleam, Kat Von D Cake Pencil, £17, for a smoky matte look, and Maybelline Tattoo Liner
Gel Pencils, £4.99 each, for a mix of both.’

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