The Best And Cutest Celebrity Kid Moments Of 2021

It was a great year for celebrity kids. They were selling books, hitting the red carpet with their famous parents, walking runways, stealing the show on TV and even stepping into the spotlight on their own. So much happened this year with star kids, we decided to do a rundown of it all as part of our ‘End of Year’ recaps going into 2022. Celebrity kids brought so much laughter in light into this year, we did a whole video about it.

We took a look back at all the accomplishments and just overall cute moments from a few of our favorite celebrity kids and babies, including Kaavia James Union Wade, ‘Junie’ Shumpert, Kulture Cephus, Alexis Ohanian Jr., Diddy’s girls (Jessie, D’Lila and Chance), Ice Davis, Noah Weatherspoon and big kid Sy’rai Smith. We had to include Brandy’s stunning daughter after she shared the hard work and dedication that went into her transformation.

“I had a lot of health issues when I was at the size that I was,” Smith said recently about her weight loss on The Real. “My mom was with me during everything. She saw me go through a lot. I just decided to really take my health seriously. So I changed my mindset, changed my mentality, and I knew that being in the body I was in, I knew my life wasn’t going to be as long.”

She added, “I just knew living my purpose, I want to be able to live in that body if I wanted to fulfill anything going forward in my life. So I just really, really took time. I really thought to myself: ‘I want to be there for my little sisters, my little brothers, I want to be there for my mom, my dad’ and I was like, ‘I need to change, like now.’”

She did that! Take a look at her journey, as well as celeb kids in their epic Halloween costumes, their unforgettable Fashion Week moments in NYC and all the way in Venice, Italy, their travels with mom and dad, and more. And by more, we just mean other moments where they were simply adorable kids, minding their business, living their best life.

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