The Least Favorite Quint On OutDaughtered Might Surprise You

The Busbys have become a beloved TV family throughout the multiple seasons of their TLC hit, OutDaughtered. The family consists of parents Adam and Danielle and their children, older sister Blayke and the quintuplets: Riley, Hazel, Olivia, Parker, and Ava.

On the show, fans get to watch the family go through daily life, a feat that becomes surprisingly entertaining when you throw six kids into the mix. From family vacations (the family has brought cameras along to a Disney cruise, a dude ranch, camping in an RV and more), to the quints learning how to become potty-trained and entering kindergarten, viewers have been able to see each of the sisters’ personalities come out and secretly — and not so secretly — pick a favorite.

As they’ve grown, the quints have each become their own person. According to the Busbys’ personal blog It’s a Buzz World, Parker is known as the shy sensitive one, Ava and Olivia (the identical twins) are dependent on each other and overall the goofiest, Riley is said to be the smartest of the bunch, and Hazel is the most independent. With each quint being so different, viewers have formed their own opinions on which one they gravitate to the most — and the answer for the least favorite overall may surprise fans.

The chosen least favorite quint isn't who you would expect

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Riley has long been a fan favorite among her sisters. After testing extremely high on a preschool intelligence test, fans of OutDaughtered began to flock toward Riley and her outgoing personality. But, according to a recent poll conducted by The List, Riley was actually chosen as the least favorite quint. Out of 652 respondents, Riley claimed under 9 percent of the vote, with her sisters Olivia and Hazel, coming out on top with close to 20 percent each. According to TV Shows Ace, Hazel may be taking the lead in the favorite quint category due to her sweet, endearing personality and longtime struggle with her eyes.

While these polls are just lighthearted fun, Riley scoring so low comes as a surprise as she is often the most beloved on Adam’s personal Instagram account, with fans gushing about the “cute and fierce” little girl in the comments section (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet). Regardless of the results, it’s clear to see that all five girls, and their older sister, are loved and cherished by many.

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