Thong-clad Chloe Ferry has assistant rub oil on her surgically enhanced buttocks

Chloe Ferry was taking no chances when it came to looking good for a sultry swimwear shoot on the beach in Dubai.

The Geordie star called upon an assistant to massage oil into her surgically enhanced bum cheeks before she cavorted in a thong for the camera.

24-year-old Chloe, was hard to miss in a bright pink cut-out swimsuit and a face full of make-up as she paraded her curves on the sand.

A member of her team was dressed much more casually in denim shorts and a black jacket as she helped Chloe prepare.

The reality star wanted to be looking smooth and glistening all over for the shoot which saw her pose in a barely-there bodysuit.

Chloe's neon pink number boasted a plunging neckline and a high-cut rear to ensure maximum exposure.

The MTV star allowed her blonde extensions to tumble down her back in the breeze, as a member of team got to work in oiling her up.

Once Chloe was feeling camera ready, she got straight to work in flaunting her best angles.

At one point she even got down and dirty in the sand as she flexed her leg muscles.

Chloe's latest half-naked display comes after fans begged her to stop editing her social media pictures.

She likes to flaunt her impossible curves on social media, to mixed reactions from fans.

Chloe previously confessed that she's spent over £50,000 on cosmetic proceures.

's a lot more, I can tell you that. £50k – I wish! I'm bankrupt… I'm not really. I want more.

"I just love injections and getting filler, to be honest. If you don't like something about yourself, get it changed…"

She also said she regretted going public with her procedures because it opened her up to trolling.

Since rising to fame on Geordie Shore in 2015 admitted to getting a nose job, her boobs done and 'her bellly.'

She's also had veneers, tattooed eyebrows dermal cheek fillers, liposuction and having fat injected into her bum.

In August 2018 Chloe was left unable to sit down after having fat harvested from her thighs and belly to be injected into her buttocks as part of a procedure known as a Brazilian bum lift.

Chloe has previously revealed the damage caused by her Brazilian bum lift when she showed huge bruising to her buttocks and thighs – a result of the multiple injections.

After the operation, Chloe vowed not to have any more surgery, saying she was finally happy with herself.

She also added that her then boyfriend, Love Island's Sam Gowland, 'likes the fake look so he likes what I've had done," she told Closer magazine.

Chloe and Sam broke up earlier this year following a string of rows.

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