‘Throw them out!’ John Cleese says partygate verdict on Boris delayed due to ‘corruption’

Boris Johnson partygate a ‘political issue’ says former Met chief

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Monty Python actor John Cleese has hit out at the government once more over the ‘partygate’ scandal. The actor suggested Prime Minister Boris Johnson had yet to be held accountable for breaking his own laws due to “corruption”.

John, 82, took to Twitter this afternoon to call out Boris Johnson, 57, and the government in front of his 5.7 million followers. 

Earlier today, journalist Matthew Stadlen tweeted out: “It’s been over seven weeks since Boris Johnson handed in his partygate questionnaire to the Met police. 

“Does anyone know why it’s taking them so long to work out whether the Prime Minister br

John Cleese then responded to the tweet, claiming that the government was “corrupt”.

He wrote: “Corruption, corruption, corruption…

“On a scale that was unimaginable a few years ago.

“Throw them out.

“And then… throw them in.”

Police are continuing to investigate a number of parties that happened at Downing Street and have already handed out at least 20 fixed penalty notices to staff who attended lockdown-flouting gatherings during the pandemic.

Detectives are investigating 12 events, including six gatherings the Prime Minister is believed to have attended.

Boris was not included in the first wave of fines, which is understood to contain only the most straight-forward cases.

John’s followers took to the comments section to share their views on the situation.

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Grezz Mono wrote: “It’s obvious why it’s taken so long. They are seeing how he can get away with it. 

“When anyone else breaks the law, we do not get sent a questionnaire to fill out at our convenience!!! It’s a very unfunny joke! Blissful wishes.”

Richard Stone added: “Because he did break them, but the Met is afraid to declare it. What’s so hard about that?”

Keith Bryan commented: “No chance. Our rules rely on you having a modicum of honour. The country is f****d.”

Welsh Secretary Simon Hart has insisted now is not the time for a “self-indulgent leadership contest” if Boris is eventually fined over the partygate scandal.

His comments came as it emerged the Met have issued fines relating to Downing Street events held the night before the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral last year.

Making reference to the war in Ukraine, he claimed “the world has moved on a considerable distance”.

He also told Sky News most of his constituents “want an apology, but they don’t want a resignation”.

His claims come as a recent Omnisis poll published by the Byline Times shows voter confidence in Boris has been weakened.

According to the publication, 73 percent of those surveyed did not trust Johnson to tell the truth, with just six percent of voters saying they trust him a lot.

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