Tom Heap wife: How did Tom and wife Tammany first meet?

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Tom Heap has been a part of the popular rural affairs programme –Countryfile since 2012. He has since become a series regular where he investigates the hidden stories of the countryside. While he is known on-screen what is known of his marriage off-screen?

How did Tom and wife Tammany first meet?

Tom and wife Tammany Robin Stone have been married since 1992 and are now said to live in together in rural Warwickshire.

Tom is known for keeping his family life away from his role on Countryfile, so it is not known how they first met one another.

He has previously spoken of having children with wife Tammany although it is not known how many they have.

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Earlier this year, Tom spoke of how Tammany had previously appearance on Countryfile.

He explained: “She did [Countryfile] once, somewhat reluctantly she’s telling me over her shoulder.

“We did a story about fishing focusing on the impact of fishing supplies and the restaurants being shut down.

“This was illustrated by a little BBQ in the back garden where my wife and number three son made an appearance. A fleeting appearance I must say.”

He later joked that their cat Plum has made more appearances on the show.

He added: “She’s called Plum and she even got a speaking role at one point when [the cat] miaowed.

“She’s been on the programme maybe three or four times.”

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Away from his family life, Tom took over the investigative reporter role on Countryfile from John Craven in 2012.

Since then, Tom has become known for his serious take on rural issues.

Tom has previously opened up on the nations’ fascination with rural affairs.

He told The Yorkshire Post last year: “It may be that they live and work there and want to see their own lives reflected or reported on; it may be because they like to visit the countryside and that’s something they enjoy as relaxation and entertainment.”

He continued: “Or it may be that they have real issues with something, perhaps they have a dispute with something in the countryside, either way, they want to see it.”

Countryfile will air tonight on BBC One at 6.25pm.

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