Tommy Fury winces and almost cries as he has his eyebrows waxed in salon

Tommy Fury has shown how he almost burst into tears while getting his eyebrows waxed.

The Love Island star and professional boxer shared footage of himself undergoing the beauty treatment while saying he felt like he was about to cry and giving “credit” to girls who have the treatment.

The 22 year old can be seen flinching as a beautician rips off a back strip on his forehead to trip up his eyebrows.

In a caption, Tommy wrote: “Felt like bursting into some serious tears here, credit to you girls”.

He also shared a photo of himself looking much happier before the treatment, smiling while telling his followers: “Every man has to look after themselves”.

Although the eyebrow wax may have been painful, it probably wasn’t as painful as some of the star’s boxing injuries.

In December, Tommy suffered from a broken rib, meaning he had to pull out of a planned match with rival Jake Paul.

At the time, the boxer said: “I was throwing up from the pain, I was doubled over. I literally got my bag and went straight to the hospital for an MRI scan and got the results back the same day.

"The results showed I had a clean break and I had multiple fractures. For the following week I still thought I could fight but then it took the doctor and my whole team to say you can't fight."

Tommy found fame with his now girlfriend Molly Mae Hague on the 2019 series of ITV’s Love Island and the couple have since gone on to make a fortune from their work and sponsorship deals.

However, the couple came under fire last week when they filmed themselves being “fascinated” by the deals on offer in a budget supermarket.

Tommy and Molly-Mae could be seen shopping in a B&M store while remarking at how cheap they thought the items were in the store.

The Pretty Little Thing creative director captioned the video “he’s absolutely fascinated” as she films Tommy looking at all the bargains around.

Molly-Mae can be heard saying: “I think Tommy's enjoying our little trip to Home Bargains,” as she films the shopping trolley showing they are in fact at a B&M.

The camera pans to Tommy who says: “Let me tell you, B&M Bargains, I've never seen anything like it.

“These drinks that you get in the gym, they're here and they're 89p. Like, hold on, stop what you're doing and process that for a second!”

Molly-Mae can be heard laughing and she responds: “We've really stocked up, guys. Honestly, B&M trips are the one.”

Some fans took to Twitter to call the pair for out on their bargain shopping after “classist remarks”.

One wrote: “So weeks after being called out for her classist remarks, Molly Mae’s first IG story that isn’t just a photograph is a clip of her and Tommy in Home Bargains/B&M being utterly shocked at the low prices. Does she not have a PR team to advise against s**t like this.”

Another penned: “Something about molly mae and tommy fury being in b&m that’s so funny to me.”

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