Tori Roloff Makes a Vow Amid Nationwide Uprising, Civil Unrest

Tori Roloff isn’t totally sure what to say right now.

Nor is she totally sure what to say.

But the Little People, Big World star is gonna give it a shot.

With protests erupting in every state across the country, and civil unrest at perhaps its highest point in our nation’s history, Tori has shared a new photo on Instagram.

And, along with it, she has made a heartwarming vow.

“I promise to teach my babies to love your babies,” wrote the popular reality as a caption to the picture below of her two kids, Jackson and Lilah.

“I have learned a lot the last few weeks. I hope we all have. The world is hurting and I’ll keep praying,” she added.

The topic of race relations and how to help end the oppression of minorities in America is maybe the most pressing challenge facing our country right now.

And also the most daunting.

As a result, many folks out there — let’s be frank, many white folks in particular — aren’t really sure how to help the cause.

Previously, Audrey Roloff quoted the bible and also talked about turning to God during this difficult times — and that prompted some backlash from her own brother-in-law.

Jacob Roloff, who attended at least one protest in Oregon over the weekend, threw some pretty clear and strong shade at Audrey when he classified “empty gestures and fancy platitudes” as being “very, very bad” right now.

This is a time for action, Jacob and others believe.

Tori, for her part, hasn’t come right out and supported the Black Lives Matter movement directly.

Nor has she, actually, done anything in response to this challenging situation.

However, she does seem to be speaking deeply from the heart when she writes;

‘I read an article about conflicting feelings during this time and it really resonated with me.

“I can support black lives AND good cops. I can want to speak up AND feel like this is a time to listen.”

One major issue at the moment, of course, is police brutality and what to do about the way African-Americans are targeted by the authorities and inappropriately punished.

In ways that even include death, such as was the case with George Floyd.

Continued Tori:

“Having the platform I do I feel like it’s my responsibility to be a good role model to others, and that is sometimes really scary. But I am here to say I’m trying. Im listening.

“I’m learning.

“I want to be here to bring light into the world. I am here to pray for you. To love you. I am here to support you.”

And concluded Tori:

I vow to teach my kids how to love the world and everything in it just like God did. My kids are different and I vow to teach them the world is not against them.

Jesus is with them. It’s their responsibility to stand with others. To love others.

I promise to live out my life doing my best to remind myself of this and guide my family to love more.

Just a couple days ago, Tori’s mother-in-law also issued a lengthy statement in response to these protests.

Amy Roloff said her heart is broken and that she’s been struggling with how to respond.

Which makes total sense, right?

Click HERE to read Amy’s full message.

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