Tyler Hubbard Shares Letter To His Younger Self

Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard has written a letter to his younger self, giving the eight-year old version of himself some great advice.

Hubbard explains that while he was at “onsiteworkshops” a few months back he wrote a letter to his younger self after doing a meditation exercise.

“I wrote a letter to my younger self after doing a meditation exercise that led me to seeing my 8 year old self and having a convo with him. This was a super cool experience they opened my eyes to so much. After I wrote it, I gave it to our group leader and she said they would mail it to our house in a few months, after all the emotional highs of onsite wore off. Well it showed up today and was a much needed reminder. I loved reading this. Y’all enjoy,” he captioned his Instagram post along with the letter.

The letter, from Hubbard to Hubbard, reads, “Dear little T-Hubb. It was great to see you and spend some time with you today. It was refreshing and inspiring to see you playing without a care in the world. Take that back, you did have cares which looked a lot like where is the next fishing hole, how will you build your next tree house, or bike ramp. It’s amazing to think how what I care about these days have changed and how much more I seem to care or worry about. I could see how much love you had for your friends & the people around you. I can really relate to you because I still feel that today.”

“If I could, I would like to offer some advice. Keep and hold onto that childlike energy and imagination. Continue to play always, even when work becomes an important part of your life. Never let work become the most important. Always remember WHO you are and don’t put to much importance on WHAT you are. You are loved. – Adult T-Hubb.”

Florida Georgia Line, Hubbard and duo partner Brian Kelley, are set to release their fourth studio album, Can’t Say I Ain’t Country, on February 15.

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