Tyler Joseph Admits He’s Still ‘Learning’ to Navigate Fame Following Controversial Tweet

Roughly a year following backlash over his controversial tweet, the ‘Stressed Out’ hitmaker claims he struggled with ‘learning process’ as his band’s fame continues to grow.

AceShowbizTwenty One Pilots star Tyler Joseph has admitted it’s been a “learning process” dealing with the caveats that come with being a successful band.

The rocker hit headlines last year (20) when he posted a jokey tweet about using his social media platforms to promote good causes.

“You guys keep asking me to use my platforms. feels good to dust these bad boys off,” he wrote at the time, alongside an image of himself wearing a pair of white platform shoes embellished with moons and stars.

Joseph quickly issued an apology after backlash from social media users, and told NME it’s taken some time for him and bandmate Josh Dun to realise that they might not be able to do the things they could when they first started in the music industry.

“One of the things Josh and I have learned is, you know, when we started out we would play a show for 20 people and then after the show we would hang out with them. It was all the same event,” he explained. “Obviously as things grew, it became harder and harder to have that real personal interaction. Building rapport with people just got more and more difficult. In our minds, we still feel like we’ve got that, but the truth is it’s not the same. It’s a learning process to realise there’s a bit more of a standard which we’re held to. We’re still learning that.”

The duo is set to perform a livestream concert on Friday night (21May21) to promote their new album “Scaled and Icy”, and promised the gig will be unlike anything else fans may have experienced virtually before.

In fact, the former “anti-livestream advocates” have been working on the performance for the past seven months to ensure it’s unique and memorable.

“The way that we’re going to present it is going to be different than any other way you’ve ever seen any sort of livestream concert. It’s not going to be stale by song two, like every other livestream concert,” Joseph boasted.

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