Tyson Fury took two women on a wild eight-hour booze bender

Tyson Fury reportedly enjoyed a night out with two fans this week as the group indulged in a heavy night of boozing and dancing in bars.

The two women were also joined by Tyson’s friend and coach Andy Lee, according to reports.

The night of fun and partying began after Stella Kabelis, 21, and Kailah Downie, 24, reportedly asked the heavyweight boxer for a selfie during dinner at a lavish restaurant.

The two women were said to have left when Tyson’s mate texted one of the girls to come back and join them.

A friend of Stella and Kailah reportedly told The Sun that the “girls couldn’t believe their luck” when 33 year old champion Tyson and Andy later agreed to go back to their flat after more drinks were had in various bars.

It comes amid Paris Fury's recent comments that the family can't have days out because Tyson gets "stopped" by fans too much.

“Stella and Kailah were really starstruck and enjoyed a taste of the high life with him,” the source told the publication. “He was a perfect gentleman and they have been telling their friends what an amazing time they had.

“They think Tyson is great. Stella and Kailah are normal hard-working girls who went out for a midweek drink and ended up doing shots and dancing with one of the world’s most famous sporting stars.

“They felt very lucky to be out with him and he was very complimentary to them and they loved his fun-loving personality.”

The insider added that out of the ring Tyson was a “gentle, fun-loving guy” according to the two women.

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The dad-of-six, whose wife Paris Fury, who opened up about her husband being away a lot recently, was said to be at home taking care of their newborn baby Athena, has been enjoying letting off steam ever since he took the world title during his fight with Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas last month.

It was reported that Stella and Kailah posted evidence of their sighting on Snapchat before they approached Tyson in person – captioning footage: “Not Tyson Fury being sat right behind us.”

What’s more, Stella reportedly posted the aforementioned selfie alongside her friend and Tyson on her Facebook page.

The post, which Stella captioned “Us and the Gypsy King” apparently got over 150 likes, and Kailah shared her own snap on Instagram later on.

More snapshots of the evening reportedly continued to appear on Snapchat, with Kailah sharing her shock and excitement to be on “a night out with Tyson Fury”.

It’s claimed that Tyson eventually decided to head home around 11.30pm after eight hours with the two women, and finally a drink at the flat Stella and Kailah shared together in Salford.

The two women also reportedly told the publication that they thought Tyson was “very charming” and “complimentary”, and assumed he left so he could “go home to his wife Paris and his children”.

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