Victoria Beckham’s 14 jaw-dropping engagement rings revealed

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It’s hard to believe that Saturday marks 21 years since David and Victoria Beckham tied the knot. The couple sharing their happy engagement news at a press conference on 25 January 1998, after the footballer popped the question with a three-carat marquise-cut diamond engagement ring with a yellow gold band that was rumoured to have cost £65,000.

However, over the years, the fashion designer has upgraded her jewellery collection and now has a whopping 14 engagement rings to choose from, including stunning emeralds, rubies and sapphires, some of which were generous gifts from David and others which she bought as a treat to herself. Keep reading to see her incredible engagement rings – which is your favourite?

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Two years after their wedding in Ireland, Victoria replaced her marquise-cut diamond with a platinum set eternity band. She wore the ring for around 18 months, dazzling fans with her band of white diamonds.

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In 2003, the pop star debuted an emerald-cut diamond with side baguettes, set in platinum.

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The following year, to celebrate her 30th birthday, David presented Victoria with a pink champagne diamond ring in a halo setting. The oval-cut piece reportedly cost £835,000 at the time.

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Her biggest upgrade came in 2005, when Victoria opted for a new shape – a huge pear-cut 17-carat diamond rock. The stone was set on a diamond pave band and is perhaps Victoria's biggest ring of all, costing a reported £2million.

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In 2006, Victoria opted for another emerald-cut ring, this time choosing a yellow diamond set in a yellow gold pave band. The mother-of-four would regularly wear the ring with two eternity bands.

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Victoria wore her first cushion-cut ring in 2007. Her emerald, flanked by a diamond band, was hard to miss.

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Her second emerald cut diamond may look very similar to the one she wore in 2006, but it is slightly bigger, coming in at 15 carats and designed by Chopard.

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Another showstopping piece, this oval-cut ruby is mounted in a white diamond band.

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Titanic, anyone? In 2010, Victoria was spotted out and about with a ginormous blue sapphire, set on a thin pave band.

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In that same year, Victoria added another romantic piece to her collection – a pink oval diamond set on a yellow gold pave band.

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Fast forward to 2015 and Victoria unveiled a moonstone and platinum ring by Jacob & Co. The £10,000 gem is often used in spiritual healing.

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At Cannes in 2016, Victoria showed off a new shape – a dazzling square-cut diamond mounted on a platinum band.

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Her most recent addition to her carousel of diamonds is this square-cut yellow diamond, which sits on a platinum pave band. Victoria was spotted wearing it in 2018.

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