Welcome to Windsor! Take a Tour of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's New Home

Kelly Carpenter believes she has the only pub named for Prince Harry in the U.K. She changed its name, from the Three Tuns, just in time for the wedding. It is situated on Market Street, a stone’s throw from the castle were the couple celebrated last May.

VIDEO: Take a Virtual Tour of Windsor! Check Out Harry and Meghan’s New Home

“I will happily let them in through the back door. And we have high chairs so we can prop the baby up at their table too!” she says.

There, they serve a Prince Harry Burger and decorate the walls with portraits of their princely hero.

Skipper Cameron Bell and promenade manager Hannah Atkinson from French Brothers Boat Cruises say that if the prince and his wife were to take a ride in the Windsor Majesty, they’d hear the commentary of some old, and more recent, royal history. (He’d have to pay $14 – children are $8.)

“We tell about Eton College and how, many moons back, he and the other boys would swim in the river when they were rowing down here,” Atkinson says. “We also talk about Queen Victoria – he could have a history lesson about his family.”

They are situated right by the bridge that Harry and his brother would have walked over en route to the castle to see their grandmother when they were at Eton.

Martyn Crossley is arguably the best florist in town – and if Meghan wanders down into his store (housed in a building dating from Tudor times), she would see some familiar sights. There, on the walls, are pictures of some of the blooms he has supplied for the royals over the years. At Meghan and Harry’s wedding, they created two displays of delphiniums, peonies and white roses that were placed each side of the door into the castle. 

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles wed in the Ascot Room here in 2005, and Elton John and David Furnish had their civil ceremony there later in the same year.

Over the festive period, it was pantomime time as Dick Whittington was performed and local resident Sir Elton John was one of their famous guests in the audience of the annual jokey show. Now, will thespian Meghan and Harry take their places in the red velvet seats in the theater that has had a nice new coat of paint last summer?

“It would be nice if they did,” says Hannah Joselyn, marketing manager.

The four-star Sir Christopher Wren was where Demi Moor, Liv Tyler and Kate Moss stayed when they were guests at that other royal wedding last year – that of Princess Eugenie. And there is another even more intriguing link to the castle: there is said to be a secret passage that would take people from the castle, through to the 18th century hotel and to the river side, where they could clandestinely get on a boat to head down stream to London.

The hotel’s sales manager David Somner says, “It is going to be a completely different lifestyle out here for them and much quieter than the attention they would get in London. There is Ascot race course, and Michelin-starred restaurants nearby at Bray and polo at Royal Berkshire club and Guards Polo club. I imagine they will be regular fixtures at events like that.”

Harry and Meghan’s most local pub is likely to be The Two Brewers, which is the last building on the left before the castle’s Cambridge gate.

Manager Stuart O’Brien says, “A couple came in here the other day looking for Harry and Meghan – people are more aware now it has been confirmed that they are moving in.”

“If they want to pop in for a beer or a Sunday roast, that would be great.”

A few miles away at the other end of Windsor and close to the Frogmore area of the estate, the Windsor Farm Shop is doing a steady business. The foodie couple will love browsing the shelves, if they don’t already.

Sometimes they can get some wacky requests – one squab pigeon was ordered up once. And they regularly send marrowbone – as Prince Philip likes to spread it on toast in the morning.

The cozy spot was named for Princess Kate shortly after her marriage to Prince William in 2011.

The couple are unlikely to use it, but locals have easy access to and from London on the train.

The 13-acre fortress where the Queen lives is also home to St. George’s Chapel, where the couple wed last May. In addition to Garter Day and other family celebrations, it has also been the center for funerals. Queen Elizabeth’s mother and father are both interred in the chapel, and Princess Margaret’s ashes are also kept in the vault there.

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