Wendy Williams Brags About Dating & ‘Reclaiming’ Her Life In Single Rant: The Parade Of Men Will Continue

Wendy Williams is living her best single life! She cleared the air on dating rumors, May 14, before she went on a rant about how she’s living it up in her ‘bachelorette pad’ in NYC!

Just over a month after she served Kevin Hunter with divorce papers, Wendy Williams is dating — and she’s dating “often!” The daytime talk show host, 54, got candid about her personal life when she addressed rumors that she was dating Web, a man on her security detail, after the two were pictured at a FIERCE fundraiser she attended over the weekend. “By the way, I don’t have a boyfriend. That was Web,” she said on her show on Tuesday, pointing to the man on the side of the stage. Wendy explained: “The word on the street is that on Saturday night, I was at the FIERCE ball sitting next to a man at the ball who looks like my type. And, they showed the picture and I was reading on the blogs like, ‘Who was I with?’ Web is part of the security detail here at the show,” she added.

After she set the record straight about her newfound single status, Wendy admitted that she’s still in the midst of her divorce with Kevin, 46. “I’m pleasantly working on my divorce right now,” she said. “Just to catch you up to speed, that is Web, he’s part of security detail. I am a single woman running around New York.”

Wendy then had to stop speaking so she could calm down her roaring audience, who were more than pleased to hear that she’s a happy, single gal. But, she only fueled the excitement when she began to explain the details about her single life. “I go out a lot, because I’m a good time girl, I like to have fun,” she said, laughing. “I am right now, a young and pretty New York city girl. I have the ultimate bachelorette pad, high a top everything. I have a really really good view, and I’m really reclaiming my life. I don’t have a boyfriend, but, I have to admit, I’m rediscovering my love for men.”

“Transparenc — I do date, and I date pretty often,” Wendy confessed, adding that the handsome men on her Wendy Show staff (who she’s bragged about receiving date offers from), have paid a visit to her new digs. “Web has been to my bachelorette pad, Marco has been to my bachelorette pad, [DJ] Boof has been to my bachelorette pad, and the parade of men will continue!”, she gushed!

But, on a serious note, Wendy admitted that she can’t just erase her past with Kevin. “Come on now, you don’t just throw away 25 years, rock, sock and barrel,” she admitted. “I have to tell you something right now, as a mature, almost single woman, you all can say what you want, and you’re entitled to, and I certainly say what I want behind closed doors. We do have a our son,” Wendy said. “He’s away at college and he’s home right now… He sees me, he sees his dad.”

Wendy fans will know that the longtime host filed for divorce from Kevin, who was her manager, on April 10. Kevin was also a producer on The Wendy Williams Show, but he was removed after she served with divorce papers. They were married for nearly 22 years, and share one child together, a son, Kevin Jr., 18.

The mother of one filed “irreconcilable differences” in official divorce documents, which were obtained by HollywoodLife, as rumors about Kevin’s infidelity continued to make headlines. Kevin was accused of having a more than 10-year affair with a woman named, Sharina Hudson, 34. Sharina and Kevin were also accused of conceiving a child together while he was married to Wendy.

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