When Does Lady Gaga’s Haus Beauty Line Drop? Peep The Products & Find Out How To Pre-Order

Is there anything more exciting in the beauty world right now than the countdown to Haus Beauty? I think not! Everybody is wondering when Lady Gaga’s Haus Beauty line will drop, and Gaga has finally given us some answers, including a pre-order date everyone needs to mark down in their calendars ASAP. The brand to beat the band is finally (Almost!) here, and given that the products are practically guaranteed to sell out quickly — Little Monsters are loyal AF, after all — I highly suggest familiarizing yourself with the deets in advance if you plan on attempting to snag some. You’ve been warned!

After what feels like ages of waiting and wondering, Haus Beauty’s launch date is near, and Gaga is finally opening up and giving fans a look inside the line she’s been perfecting for so long. In an exclusive interview with Allure, she revealed the oh-so-edgy, oh-so-Gaga matte black packaging, showed off some stunning swatches, and so much more. Without even seeing the products, I already had a lot of blind faith in this brand, but now that I’ve spent some time staring them down, I’m totally and utterly obsessed. Haus Beauty’s rein is nearing! And the entire beauty community is more than ready to stan.

Like, hi, you belong in my makeup bag right this instant:


I’m ready to serve luxe golden looks every damn day, courtesy of Gaga’s creative genius!


Before I "ooh" and "ahh" too much, let’s talk about the drop. Per Allure, Haus Beauty sets containing two to three products each will be available for pre-order on July 15 at 3AM EST, and will be sent out in September 2019 when the brand officially launches. In addition to being Amazon’s first major beauty brand, the products will be sold on the Haus Beauty site.

All in all, the brand will be dropping six collections curated by Gaga herself, and while the actual pairings are still a secret, the brand did shed some light on individual product formulations via Instagram Stories. The first three products that will drop are the Le Riot Lip Gloss, the RIP Lip Liner, and the Glam Attack All-Over Liquid Shimmer Powder.

If you’re into a super glossy lip, prepare to buy Le Riot in all six shades:

As a performer, I’m sure Gaga knows the horror of a too-sticky lip gloss trapping strands in the middle of a performative hair flip. Buzz kill! Gaga’s gloss will be a weightless gel sans stickiness, but still offer tons of shine.

If you’re more into a matte lip, you might prefer any of the six shades of RIP lip liner:

She said yes, pigment! This ultra-pigmented liners claim to have lipstick-level payoff with liner-like precision, so really, you get the best of both worlds. I can’t wait to see if Gaga includes any particularly wild lip liner shades, but for now, I’m digging this nude.

Lastly, I’m calling it now — the Glam Attack is the product that will be the most popular of all:

The liquid-to-powder formula swipes on with ease and then sets to a finish that will last through even the most emotional of Gaga performances. Love that! I love the super easy doe foot applicator, and could totally see getting creative with this baby on the eyes.

This lineup looks like a dream and a half, am I right? Unfortunately, we won’t be able to swatch IRL until September, but if you already know you need Haus Beauty in your life, you can pre-order your picks come July 15 on Amazon and the brand’s site.

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