Who Is 'The Boys in the Band' Star Matt Bomer's Husband, Simon Halls?

Matt Bomer currently stars in the Netflix original The Boys in The Band, following a successful Broadway run alongside the same cast. Bomer has made a name for himself in front of the camera — from White Collar and his Golden Globe-winning performance in The Normal Heart to his vampiric turn in American Horror Story. Yet, his significant other also boasts a great deal of industry clout. Matt Bomer is married to Simon Halls, a partner at Slate PR. 

All About Simon Halls 

Simon Halls graduated from the University of Southern California in 1985, following an education at the North Toronto Collegiate institute from 1979 to 1981. Today, Halls is a Partner and Founder at SLATE PR, which is the Entertainment Industry’s leading PR Agency. 

The Agency boasts over 450 clients. Halls and his partners manage nearly all media relations activities for the likes of Sam Mendes, Ridley Scott, Ang Lee, and Ryan Murphy, as Annenberg.usd.edu notes. The company also oversees release and awards campaigns for their film and TV clients. SLATE PR clients have received over 50 Academy Award nominations and over 200 Emmy nominations in total. 

In short, while Matt Bomer is busy getting into character, Simon Halls is busy as a founder of one of the most successful PR agencies in the entertainment sphere. 

Simon Halls didn’t start at the top 

Halls began his career working for Warner Bros. in the publicity department. According to Bustle, there was a point at which Halls worked as his current husband’s publicist.  Halls later became a Public Relations Manager for the first McDonald’s in Russia, yet the restaurant biz clearly didn’t suit Halls to the same extent. 

Upon his return to the US, he became an account manager at the well-known BWR Public Relations firm. He began to climb the Hollywood ladder at this point, managing publicity for Sarah Jessica Parker, Jude Law, Annette Benning, and more. Halls went on to work for PMK/HBH for many years, before he and a few partners split, founding the now well-known SLATE PR. Both Halls and Bomer boast successful careers and their marriage is one to envy.

How long have Simon Halls and Matt Bomer been together? 

Bomer and Halls have been married since 2011; thus, the two are approaching the decade mark. They also share three sons together — Henry Halls, Walker Halls, and Kit Halls. Henry and Walker are 12-year-old twins, while Kit Halls is 15 years old.

The family has been spotted enjoying time together and, whenever given the opportunity — at award ceremonies and the like — Halls and Bomer make a note to thank each other, often briefly recounting the love and motivation that exists in their relationship. In Hollywood, where marriages sometimes last months, to be approaching a decade is quite the accomplishment. 

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