Why Can’t I Change My Instagram App Icon? Try This Before Giving Up

With all the talk of customized iOS 14 Home Screens taking hours to complete, Instagram is coming clutch with a nifty hack. If you miss the old Instagram icon or want to change up your home screen’s aesthetic, Instagram’s 10-year anniversary surprise will help you out. The new features include 12 different Instagram app icon choices, including some new hues and OG looks. The only thing is, it’s a little tricky to find the new app icons, but if you haven’t been able to change your Instagram app icon yet, there’s likely an easy fix.

In honor of turning 10 on Tuesday, Oct. 6, Instagram officially launched a couple fun features to mark the occasion, including the new app icons. Different from the painstaking steps it takes to update your iOS 14 Home Screen, these IG app icons are right in the app, and they’re available for iOS and Android users. But again, they’re a little tricky to find, so if you’re having trouble try the following steps.

First, check out this hack video from TikToker Vienna Skye on how to get the app icons:

After you’ve selected your icon, you should see it on your home screen.

If you’re still not seeing it, you’ll want to update your Instagram app. Following the update, if you still don’t have the new icons, try restarting your phone.

The app icon selections include 12 different choices, including the current pink-and-orange icon, the Original Instagram icon, and the two versions of the Classic Polaroid-style icons. Also included in the choices are the prelaunch Codename icon, a blue-and-purple Twilight icon, plus Gold, Dark, Light, Very Dark, green-and-blue Aurora, orange Sunrise, and Pride options. If you’re ready to enjoy one of the app icon choices for Instagram, make sure you change yours ASAP, because they’re only available until the end of October.

Once these icons leave at the end of the month, anyone with iOS 14 can change their Instagram icon by swapping out a photo of their choice with the Apple Shortcuts app, but that takes a bit of work. So, enjoy this IG hack while you can.

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