Will we end up with at least one more dead Stark in the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale?

SPOILERS for Game of Thrones.

We will have the final episode of the final season of Game of Thrones in a matter of days. I’m not too worked up about it? Like, I was so anxious about the final episodes two months ago, but once we got through the Long Night, I’ve just felt very ambivalent towards the picayune political jostling. Cersei and Jaime’s deaths were so unsatisfying, and if Daenerys kills Tyrion in the final episode, it will be A) complete justified and B) a long time coming. She honestly should have killed Tyrion several episodes ago. He’s done next to nothing the past two seasons except make bad decisions and give terrible advice.

So while I feel strongly that Tyrion will and should die, I’ve been lightly focused on another theory: that Daenerys will fly Drogon back to the North and kill Sansa Stark, and possibly Bran too, God knows. This theory is everywhere this week. I mean, it could be. Dany knows Sansa doesn’t like her and is sort of plotting against her. I find that the possibility really doesn’t bug me that much? Like, Sansa has been through some sh-t, for sure, but she also broke her word to Jon Snow and spilled the tea to Tyrion like five minutes later. Let’s not pretend that Sansa is some brilliant strategist either, and… did anyone else think it was weird that Sansa was basically left in Winterfell without any kind of protection? Jon brought the Northern army south to help Dany. Arya is South. The Wildlings went back north of the wall. Sansa only has Brienne.

As for Arya being in Kings Landing right now… there’s also a theory that she’ll kill Daenerys, especially if Jon Snow doesn’t. It definitely seems to be in ether… Dany will die, somehow, and who is left to kill her other than Jon or Arya? What if it turns out to be Grey Worm though, huh? Also: I feel like Arya is still going through some changes – she’s not No One, she’s not completely Arya, she’s something else at this point. The Hound reminded her of her humanity.

Another theory is that if Jon ever “got” the Iron Throne – by killing Dany or whatever – he would give it up and then he would go North, but not to Winterfell – he would go North of the Wall and live out his days with the Wildlings and Ghost. This theory sounds… like fans of the show wanting Jon to apologize to his good dog. And I don’t think that will happen. Although it pains me to think that we won’t see Tormund or Ghost again in the final episode.

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