Writer Caroline Waxler says Amazon accidentally sent her a bunch of adult products

Comedy writer Caroline Waxler was stunned to receive a slew of adult products after ordering a healthy coronavirus stockpile on Amazon.

Waxler, the niece of the late, great Joan Rivers, made an order for lentils, long-life milk and diapers — and instead received morning-after pills, two bong cleaners, purple satin sheets and vitamins.

She told Page Six that she wanted to stock up for her 2-year-old daughter, saying: “I was absolutely not expecting this! “There was no receipt, so I can’t even track down who it’s meant to go, but I bet these people are seriously wondering where their package is,” she said.

Waxler is launching a pop-up newsletter on Substack called “Creatives in Captivity” about life under quarantine.

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