Yep, Amanda Gorman Is Already Laying the Groundwork For Her Future Presidential Run

Something to give us all hope for the future: Amanda Gorman will be running for president in 2036. The talented poet discussed her plans to do just that during an appearance on The Tonight Show on Tuesday after sharing the inspiration behind her first-ever Met Gala look with host Jimmy Fallon. Turns out, it didn’t take making history at Joe Biden’s inauguration or reciting a poem at the Super Bowl to know she wanted to be the POTUS one day; she’s actually had her sights set on the Oval Office since she was in grade school.

“I’ve known that for quite some time,” she said. “I was 9 or 10, and I came home and I was like, ‘You know, Mom, I want to change some things in this world, so I’m going to run for president.'” Her mom was instantly supportive. “I have such an incredible mom that she knew this wasn’t a joke, she knew it wasn’t an idle word that I tossed out just for giggles.” The rest of her family have been on board as well. In fact, Amanda’s twin sister, Gabrielle, even stops people from taking photos of her sibling in party settings to be extra cautious. “They know the campaign is real,” Amanda said. “We just orient our lives living to our best values because we know at one point in time I will aspire to the highest seat of power in the country, so you gotta be prepared.”

Amanda’s been very open about her presidential plans in the past, telling POPSUGAR back in January that she hoped to see “leaps and bounds in terms of environmentalism” by the time her campaign officially kicks off in 2036. “If we don’t make some real and tectonic change in the regard, all the other issues we want to bring to the table will be tied to and exacerbated by the dwindling health of our planet,” she told us then.

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