Yungblud Delivers High-Flying Performance Of ‘Cotton Candy,’ ‘Strawberry Lipstick’ At MTV EMAs

Yungblud delivered a high-flying, memorable performance of “Cotton Candy” at the 2020 MTV EMAs on Sunday (Nov. 8).

The singer, wearing the women’s tennis pro outfit from his “Cotton Candy” video, flew in the air and through London’s iconic Roundhouse, as he delivered the song. All the while, he assumed the role of Cupid and kept shooting virtual arrows at unsuspecting lovers.

Once back on the ground, he tore off the white skirt to reveal Union Jack shorts and performed a powerful rendition of “Strawberry Lipstick,” with his full band backing up.

As the performance drew to a close, he screamed, “MTV I love you!”

“Cotton Candy” and “Strawberry Lipstick” are part of Yungblud’s upcoming second album, Weird, due out on December 4.

(Photo: Stefan Brending)

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