15 Products You Need to Kick Off Governor's Ball – Us Weekly

Governor’s Ball Music Festival kicks off on Friday, June 1 on Randall’s Island in New York City. The festival, which lasts 3 days, unites thousands of fans from various genres of music. Some of the acts this year include Travis Scott, Halsey, Eminem and Post Malone.

Music festivals seem to be the biggest parties with the best dressed crowds. Now that Gov Ball is about a week away, we’re thinking back on timeless festival trends that we’re betting will be hits this year too. We predict flash tats, and fringe embellishments will continue to be a fad. But we think there will be new trends too like products that combine comfort and style. Blundstone’s boots are a clear example of that magic combo. The stylish boots are made to be durable for many physical activities (think hiking), which is perfect for festival season since you’re on your feet for most of the time. Rompers are another clear trend that combines comfort and style – especially when your romper looks like a festive dress!

Take a look below through our Gov. Ball essential list for your style inspiration.

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