This 2018 Jewelry Trend Is Perfect For Mermaids & Vacationers Alike

Remember in the early aughts when it was SO cool to come back from your tropical vacation with plastic beads in your hair and a shell choker around your neck? Get ready for some serious sartorial nostalgia because 2018 jewelry trends include puka and cowrie shell everything so if you haven’t thrown your strand of aquatic charms away you might want to dig it out from the bottom of your closet.

If you looked back at my middle school photos you’d notice I’m wearing a certain necklace in about 80 percent of them. Yes, it was a cowrie necklace, but instead of just shells and string it also featured pink and black beads that sat in between each shell. COOL! I wore it during the phase when I had also strung Care Bear laces into my pink and black Vans and when jelly bracelets were twisted around my wrists. Avril Lavigne, thanks for the excellent style inspiration.

Puka and cowrie necklaces naturally became decidedly uncool eventually and I therefore tossed my own into our Goodwill bucket but now, over a decade later, I wish I hadn’t. Influencers with the likes of Sophia Roe have been wearing them as of late, while Prada even championed them on their spring 2018 men’s runway. Shells are back but they’re cooler than ever before.

If you’re feeling this new trend wave then grab your board and hop on it by shopping the best puka and cowrie jewelry offerings below.

All Gold Everything


Real shells laced with real gold? Simply beautiful. Layer this with a few other dainty gold necklaces for the ultimate cool girl accessories look.

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