2018 Summer Sales: Best Pieces From Net-a-Porter Up-to-70%-Off Sale

Everybody loves a good sale, but the best shopping moments happen when you score duds that are as wearable as they are stylish. Which is exactly why we’re obsessed with Net-a-Porter’s current sale. Not only is the site packed with designer pieces we’ve longed for all season (and waited with bated breath to be discounted!), but many of the items can be worn for the rest of the summer season and serve as the building blocks of a super chic fall wardrobe.

What’s on the list? Well, obviously, everyone should scoop up basics like an updated pair of jeans and a lightweight jacket that does double duty during the cooler nights of late summer and then as a layering piece through fall, but there’s more! Why not take this time to invest in a trendy jumpsuit in the fabric of the season, velvet (case in point: Amal Clooney and Beyoncé have both sported the once-only-for-fall material) and a party dress that works overtime by the brand Meghan Markle wore for her first holiday luncheon with Queen Elizabeth?

Stylish curated the very best pieces to add to your wardrobe now, then rock all year!

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