50 of Gigi Hadid's Best Outfits That You Can Totally Wear Right Now

The only thing that distinguishes Gigi Hadid the street style star from Gigi Hadid the supermodel is whether or not there’s a runway underneath her. Seriously — this girl’s outfits are so good, we often find our mouths agape just staring at her #OOTDs. It’s like she walked straight out of an ad campaign — “Sneakers with that dress?!” we find ourselves saying. But how does that work?

Hot bod and long, lean legs aside, Gigi’s got a true grasp on fashion, meaning she knows how to construct a polished ensemble from top to bottom, one that’ll flatter her figure but also appear sophisticated and effortless. The good news? We know how she does it. Read on to find 50 styling tricks we stole straight from this birthday girl, then get out there and work them yourself.

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