7 Stylish Things I Saved On My Instagram This Week


These Clear Anima Muaddi Heels Would Make Even Cinderella Jealous

IDK about you, but when I’m scrolling through Instagram, I end up saving a ton of photos of items that I want to get. Whether I actually take the plunge and end up buying all of them is another story (sadly, my bank account won’t allow it), but that doesn’t stop me from saving these photos, because they’re just so nice to look at. It’s basically the digital version of window shopping, and it soothes my soul. I have a whole folder called “Things I Heart” that gets added to as the months go by, and it helps when I need a little outfit inspo.

Want an inside peek? This past week, I couldn’t get enough of Amina Muaddi’s Cinderella heels, which are sold out, much to my dismay. It probably has to do with the fact that Rihanna wore them with a sheer dress over jeans. I also couldn’t help but slam that save button when I saw By Far’s adorable mini croc bags. They’re a bit bigger than Jacquemus’s mini bags, so I don’t have to worry about losing my phone when I carry it (something that actually happened to me once, but don’t worry, I found it). Read on to see seven things I added to my Instagram saved folder this past week and shop some of the pieces, too.

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