8 Drops You Don't Want to Miss This Week

With another week upon us, we have yet another installment of our product drops series. Leading the list is the ninth drop from Supreme‘s Fall/Winter 2020 collection along with Palace‘s Winter 2020 Week 3 drop marked by its latest collaboration with Reebok Classic.

Part of its Week 9 release, Supreme has readied its highly-anticipated release with Jacob & Co. coming in the form of the Time Zone watch and 14K Gold Lock Pendant. Coming in 40mm and 47mm sizes, the stainless steel four-time zone watch features a lacquered dial with custom logo inlay, interchangeable stainless steel bezel set with 51 white diamonds (~ 3.06cts) and an alligator strap with stainless steel logo buckle.

Other standout collaborations include tokyovitamin and HYSTERIC GLAMOUR‘s capsule with Verdy, KITH‘s massive team-up with BMW and OAMC‘s FW20 collaboration with Daidō Moriyama. Continuing its Artist Series of facemasks, Vistaprint has tapped Angelo Baque‘s Awake NY label, Just Don, the estate of Keith Haring, Face Oka, Sophia Chang and Lisa Perry for to design their high-quality protective masks. Rounding up this week’s drops is thisisneverthat GORE-TEX FW20 capsule and Richardson FW20 “War Rug/Yoke” collection.

Awake NY, Keith Haring, Just Don and More Design Facemasks

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Adding to its Artist Series of facemasks, Vistaprint has now tapped a new string of designers and artists to create unique protective pieces.

The latest arrangements features Angelo Baque‘s Awake NY label, which has added Malcolm X’s quote “if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything” on black, green and orange masks. Elsewhere, Just Don has designed three masks with lightning patterns and crayon drawings, while a number of signature Keith Haring works and motifs have been added to the pieces. Other artists included in the collection include Face Oka, Sophia Chang and Lisa Perry, who implores people to vote with her designs. All masks feature an integrated filter, wired-nose bridges, a 3-dimensional chin structure and adjustable ear straps.

When: Now
Where: Vistaprint

Daidō Moriyama x OAMC FW20 Capsule

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Luke Meier‘s OAMC has tapped famed Japanese photographer Daidō Moriyama for a FW20 capsule comprised of hoodies, crewneck sweaters, shirts and T-shirts.

The special range features many images from Moriyama’s back catalog that, to this day, continue to challenge convention. Seminal photographs, which capture a stray dog, a ceiling light, and a hand, appear on the back of every garment in the capsule collection and also inform the Dover Street Market Ginza installation that has been made to celebrate the partnership. Building on its luxe minimalist approach to design, OAMC utilized Italian compact brushed fleece for the crewnecks and hooded sweatshirts. Other standouts include a denim shirt in yarn-dyed Japanese rigid cotton, which sports a leather tab on the front alongside an image of the hand as well as a larger print of the stray dog on the back, and the oversized short-sleeved T-shirts which feature OAMC branding front and rear, images, and a generous cut.

When: Now
Where: OAMC

Richardson “War Rug/Yoke” FW20 Collection

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Inspired by the tradition of war rugs, Richardson built its latest FW20 release around Afghan war rugs, otherwise known as Baluchi, emerged after five decades of conflict including Soviet occupation and U.S. invasion. Inside them, the instruments of war were woven and sold back to Russian and U.S. troops in Afghani territory — a propaganda economy circulating between the ranks of combat.

Fittingly titled “War Rug/Yoke,” the collection features distinct items like the War Rug fleece, hoodie, T-shirt and a balaclava. Other highlights include a moleskin shirt, engineered thermal yoke crewneck and accessories like a spacious gym bag, nylon vinyl tote and expedition socks.

When: October 22
Where: Richardson

thisisneverthat GORE-TEX FW20 Collection

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Turning its focus on layering options, thisisneverthat has readied a collaborative GORE-TEX capsule for the FW20 season.

Featuring 13 pieces in total, the range utilizes GORE-TEX INFINIUM™, which is a technical fabric that’s windproof, breathable and water-resistant. Coming in either olive and black colors options, leading the capsule is an extended puffer jacket style with two breast pockets, adjustable cuffs and an ultra-protective hood, it’s the ideal option for the upcoming months. Rounding up the selection is an array of fleeces, matching pants and complementing bucket hats.

When: October 23
Where: thisisneverthat

KITH for BMW E30 M3 Collection

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Adding to its expansive lineup of high-profile collaborations, KITH has now prepared a massive team-up with BMW. Comprised of nearly 100 garments, the special range celebrates Ronnie Fieg‘s love of the E30 with a vast selection of apparel and a one-off Kith for BMW 1989 E30 M3.

Inspired by fond memories of childhood rides in his grandfather’s beloved late-’80s red E30, Fieg readied everything from co-branded bathrobes to kimono blazers to tracksuits and sweatsuits. Custom-milled textiles are emblazoned with BMW’s memorable hues and imagery, while some take a more literal tact; one intarsia-knit sweater is elevated by a sewn-in rendering of the E30’s front. Racing-inspired leathers, lush suede bombers and wool varsity jackets accompany accessories and home goods that include an umbrella, pillows, mugs and car gear like custom valve caps and license plate frames.

When: October 23
Where: KITH

Supreme Fall/Winter 2020 Week 9 Drop

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Taking a break from its major FW20 collaborations, Supreme has returned with its Week 8 Drop marked by a strong array of accessories.

The accompanying Week 9 Drop is led by the King Hooded Varsity Jacket, Leather Collar Work Jacket, Brushed Mohair Cardigan with matching Beanie, Big Stitch Hooded Sweatshirt with matching Sweatpants and Small Box Crewneck. Other standouts include the Chains Rayon Short Sleeve Shirt, Bobsled Long Sleeve Top, Oval Short Sleeve Top, Shoulder Arc Short Sleeve Top and Warm-Up Pants. Additional headwear this time around comes in the form of the Blocks Camp Cap, Pigment Print Script Logo 6-Panel, Static Beanie and World Peace Beanie.

While this week’s boldly branded accessories include two colorways of the SIGG Vacuum Insulated 0.75L Bottle and the Jacob & Co. Time Zone watch and 14K Gold Lock Pendant. Coming in 40mm and 47mm sizes, the stainless steel four-time zone watch features a lacquered dial with custom logo inlay, interchangeable stainless steel bezel set with 51 white diamonds (~ 3.06cts) and an alligator strap with stainless steel logo buckle.

When: October 22, 11 a.m. EDT & Japan Release October 24, 11 a.m. JST
Where: Supreme Online

tokyovitamin x HYSTERIC GLAMOUR Capsule With Verdy

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Hysteric Glamour/Tokyovitamin

Tokyo-based music and arts label tokyovitamin and HYSTERIC GLAMOUR have come together to fully reveal their collaboration releasing later this month.

Part of the accompanying release of tokyovitamin’s VITAMIN BLUE compilation album, the collaborative range was sported by Duke of Harajuku and LEX in the music video for “ICE CREAM” which appears on the project.

Available in three colorways, a leather and wool letterman jacket style decorated with chenille appliqués designed by Verdy leads the capsule. Aside from the ice cream themed graphics and text, the outerwear also comes marked with a collegiate HYSTERIC GLAMOUR motif and multicolor tokyovitamin patch. While the hoodies, crewneck sweaters, T-shirts, totes, trucker hats and a mug come printed with takes that mash-up HYSTERIC GLAMOUR’s ’80s graphic outlook with Verdy’s illustrative sensibility. Rounding up the diverse range are a set of 3D rubber keychains that express the ice cream cone characters Verdy designed for the collaboration.

When: October 24

Palace Skateboards Winter 2020 Week 4 Drop

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Palace Skateboards61 of 61

Palace Skateboards

Following the release of its Week 3 drop, Palace has now prepped another diverse drop from its Winter 2020 collection. Leading the fourth release is the British skatewear label’s latest collaboration with Reebok Classic which introduces the Classic Leather Pump. The special footwear style combines the seminal Classic Leather with a Pump fit system for the first time and is accompanied by special co-branded sweatsuits.

Other standouts this week includes the Remarker Jacket in four colorways, denim Chore Jacket and matching P-Carp Jeans, and Tri-Pal Knit. Along with streetwear leaning items like the Palace Direct Hoodie and Alas Heavyweight T-shirt. This week we also see an array of headwear styles in the form of Stripe Rib Beanies and Puffa Bucket Hats. Rounding up the latest selection is an array of board options that includes pro-styles and Palafel, Ich Bun and Banana graphics.

When: October 23, 11 a.m. EDT & Japan/China Release October 24, 11 a.m. JST/CST
Where: Palace, “Palace_Skateboards” WeChat store
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