9 Easy Outfit Formulas That Will Flatter Your Curves Every Time


An A-Line Mockneck Dress + Sneakers

No matter the season, we like to keep some simple outfit combinations up our sleeve so that we don’t have to do much thinking in the morning when it comes to getting dressed. These fail-proof outfits work every time by swapping in basics that come in the same silhouettes — it’s all about knowing what works for your body and collecting those pieces so that your looks don’t feel tired but rather seem brand new.

The Instagram influencers you see below all know a thing or two about dressing their curves, and they’re all masters when it comes to balancing proportions. Whether you’re planning on layering an additional coat or sweater on top, or you’re putting together a getup for an outfit selfie indoors, we promise these great ideas won’t let you down. Even as trends come and go, trust these nine looks to flatter your body no matter your size and also boost your confidence. Bonus: we shopped out the essentials for you here, so if you’re missing anything from your closet, you can fix that straightaway before you get to styling.

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