‘A show of solidarity’: Camilla wears green to convey ‘peace’ & ‘optimism’ within The Firm

Prince Charles, Camilla and Kate visit Trinity Buoy Wharf

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Camilla Parker-Bowles has been busy in recent days and weeks. The Duchess has been pictured visiting various sites around the country with her husband, Prince Charles, and this week, with her stepdaughter-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge. What has stood out about Camilla’s clothes?

Camilla stepped out twice this week to carry out royal engagements.

On Wednesday, February 2, Camilla visited Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent with Prince Charles.

For the occasion she wore a forest green coat with black knee-high boots and a blue and white printed scarf tucked neatly in her coat’s collar.

The collar had a tartan print and was both blue and green.

But this wasn’t the only time Camilla wore green this past week – the Duchess also donned the hue on Thursday, February 3, when she joined Charles and Kate Middleton as they visited Trinity Buoy Wharf in east London to see the Prince’s Foundation site for arts and culture.

This time, Camilla wore a green jacket and matching green skirt.

The jacket had a peplum hem, giving it a stylish twist.

Interestingly, the Duchess has worn multiple green outfits in recent months.

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She also owns various green dresses, some featuring a pattern in different shades of green.

A fashion expert and personal stylist spoke to Express.co.uk about why it could be that Camilla has favoured the colour green in recent days and weeks.

Samantha Harman said: “In colour psychology, green signifies peace and security.

“These are two things the Duchess will be wanting to convey, when we consider what’s happening with the royals lately.

“As Prince Charles prepares to be king, they’ll be wanting to portray the message that we are in ‘safe’ hands.”

The expert added: “Green is also a colour of optimism. And, given everything that’s happening in the world right now, we want some of that.”

Speaking about the engagement on Thursday specifically, Samantha said: “It’s also interesting that this was a joint event with Charles, Camilla and Kate.”

This suggested a “real show of solidarity”, according to the stylist.

Camilla may also wear lots of greens because the shade suits her.

Still speaking about Thursday’s event, Samantha said: “This particular shade of green – forest or racing car green – is universally flattering.

“You can try it as a neutral in place of black if you were looking to add more colour to your wardrobe, without feeling too ‘out there’.”

She added: “I also love the peplum shape of the jacket.

“It’s flattering on all body shapes.

“And in her 70s, Camilla is showing that you can wear closely-cut items and keep up to date with trends, you don’t have to feel or look frumpy at any age.”

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