After heavily pregnant Meghan Markle steps out in four-inch stilettos, doctor warns she's 'putting baby at risk for sake of fashion'

The Duchess, believed to be eight-months-pregnant, stepped out in a green Erden coat – and four-inch heels.

Wearing the £490 Deneuve Pump 105 heels, with a bow design, the 37-year-old shunned maternity footwear for the glam shoe.

With a 4.1 inch heel, the website says the ‘stiletto heel’ also comes with a padded leather insole – handy for women in their third trimester.

But while proving pregnancy can be glam, a doctor has warned the Duchess of Sussex of the increased risk her fashion choices could have on her baby saying a "hard, straight" fall could put "a lot of pressure on her stomach which could damage the baby".

Previously the Duchess wore a pair of Aquazzura £530 Rendez Vous Pump heels for an evening out with Prince Harry in London.

Speaking to Fabulous Online, Dr Sarah Jarvis warned the Duchess and expectant mothers that she "doesn't recommend women wear high heels later in pregnancy" because the ligaments in the body are already under enough strain preparing for birth.

"One of the most affected areas is the back," she said. "It's already prone to strain because your centre of gravity is shifted by baby-weight in front."

Wearing high heels in the later stages of pregnancy therefore makes expectant mothers "more prone to back pain and falls".

"What I would ask is, 'Is it worth putting yourself and your baby at risk for the sake of fashion?'"

Along with posing a risk to both mother and baby, the Clinical Director of explained that "all the ligaments of the body tend to stretch in pregnancy to allow the baby to pass through the birth canal therefore risks to the mother – and particularly her joints – are significant."

"This makes you more prone to ankle strains."

Additionally, "high heels can lead to calf cramps" which puts "greater pressure on your knees and back".

What's more, midwife and author of The Hypnobirthing Book Katharine Graves added: "Women can experience cramp, but this is usually only in very late pregnancy, in which case wearing high heels might be a contributing factor."

However, Meghan isn't the first high-profile woman to rock a pair of high heels while heavily pregnant.

After taking style notes from Kim Kardashian's pregnancy style yesterday, it now appears the Duchess of Sussex is following in the reality star's footsteps when it comes to her love of high heels.

Keen to stay glamorous even as their due dates approached, Kim Kardashian and sister Khloe opted for skyscrapers heels during their third trimesters.

However, Victoria Beckham raised eyebrows when she wore a pair of six-inch Christian Louboutin heels while she was pregnant with daughter Harper back in 2011.

The former Spice Girl was criticised by President of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Gino Pecoraro who told The Sydney Morning Herald: "They pose problem for the child, but also the mother."

Describing how hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can affect the joints, Gino warned that the "significant change in your centre of gravity" paired with "high heels" makes the "chances of a harmful fall much higher."

Meanwhile, Holly Willoughby and Vogue Williams both continued to wear towering high heels as long as possible into their pregnancies.

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