Aldi’s extending its ‘Fabulosa’ range to include laundry products –  & fans say it’s rivals Zoflora but is MUCH cheaper – The Sun

THERE'S nothing quite like that fresh laundry smell – it makes you feel fresh and puts a spring in your step for the rest of the day.

So it's no wonder Aldi shoppers are excited about the discount shop's latest offering – Fabulosa laundry cleanser.

Shoppers took to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK to talk about the fantastic new product.

One Fabulosa enthusiast posted a picture of an Aldi advert showing the upcoming release, captioning the snap "I can't wait."

And it seems she's not alone as the post has now racked up more than 1,600 likes and 2,600 comments.

One woman gushed: "Omg I’ll be buying all of those."

Another added: "Oh my god! oh my god! It's about time!"

A third said: "Oooo can't wait to try this."

People flocked to the comments section in their droves to sing the praises of Fabulosa products, including the brand's disinfectant and carpet spray.

The began by launching a disinfectant range to rival Mrs Hinch's beloved cleaning product Zoflora – only Fabulosa is far cheaper at just 58p a bottle.

Fabulosa comes in a number of different exotic scents, including black cherry Merlot, lemon sherbet and blossom.

Aldi hinted there were more Fabulosa products to come in the near future, by teasing shoppers with a warning to look out for a 'surprise' in store.

People have already started to speculate that the latest product could be wax melts – although Aldi are keeping schtum for now.


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