Baffled man complains after his girlfriend dumped him over this comment. .. but is she overreacting?

The man took to Mumsnet to seek opinions on if his teasing crossed the line.

He explained the couple had been together for around four months, were both in their 40s and had two children each from previous relationships.

He wrote: “Things were going well I thought until I messaged her that she was getting needy (it was a joke, she’s very affectionate) and now she’s told me that it was a really hurtful thing to say and has ended the relationship.

“I do rib her a bit about things but that’s just my way, I think she’s being way too touchy.

“Was I unreasonable here? I personally think she’s being way too sensitive.”

The post racked up more than 300 comments before being deleted.

Unsurprisingly, people weren’t sympathetic.

One person wrote: “Maybe she knows she is needy and recognises that she needs someone who is understanding of this and doesn't put her down for it.”

Another said: “Don't tease people you're supposed to care about.

“This was a relationship in the early stages and you made her feel unloved.”

A third posted: “You hurt her feelings, but instead of respecting her feelings you say she's way too sensitive.”

And the man replied after reading through the unsupportive comments, adding: “I don’t see why I should apologise for a joke she knows my sense of humour.

“I told her she was being touchy and oversensitive and then she ended it.”

Some people did agree that the woman could have taken it too far, with one person saying: “It's either the last straw and other things about you have been bugging her (perhaps your jokes haven't amused her quite as much as you thought?).

“Or she's being a bit over sensible (or thought you meant it).”

Others also thought he may have dodged a bullet, with one person replying: “Just move on.

“If she is going to finish because of a small jokey comment then somewhere down the line things will flare up again.

“Best to end it earlier than later. Personally I think you have had a lucky escape.”

So what do you think?

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