Beauty fans are obsessed with Poundland’s ‘perfect’ fake nails which they reckon are better than pricey versions – The Sun

AFTER beauty salons closed their doors for four months earlier this year, women were forced to look for alternative ways to keep their nails looking good without the help of a seasoned professional.

One beauty fan reckons she's found the perfect glue-on acrylic nails for a DIY manicure.

The false nails can be picked up in Poundland – and they're an absolute steal for just £1.

Writing on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the beauty fan recommended her cheap and cheerful find to others.

She said: "Poundland nails. Perfect length if you’re like me and don’t like them too long."

The post has since received hundreds of likes and comments.

An accompanying photo shows the short, square nails, which could pass for the real thing.

Others commented on the post by heaping further praise on the discount shop for their range of cut-price nail products.

One woman gushed: "I swear by these after using so many different types from different places. These are a perfect fit and the price is amazing."

Another added: "Love these!"

This isn't the first time Poundland's false nail range has been commended by beauty lovers.

As we told you previously, the shop's range of Jess Wright products, including acrylic nails and fake tan, has also been hailed by home beauty fans online.

If Poundland's range doesn't float your boat, another DIY manicurist sang the praised of Primark's false nails, posting a picture of her own £1 nails.

She explained: "These are Primark ones that cost £1. First time I’ve used them and totally impressed."

Still not confident doing your own nails? Primark is finally reopening its beauty studios up and down the country with treatments starting from just £2.

And Poundland shopper are loving the shop's newest moisturiser range, which they say is just like Aveno's £10 version.

Plus, bargain hunters are raving about Boots’ £10 Tuesday mega deals as they share their huge hauls of skincare and makeup

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