Bikini model sisters reveal secrets to their incredible bodies – and admit they don't avoid ANY foods

While the models don't share the same birthday, they do share the same good looks and have recently revealed all about their health and fitness regimes.

Older sister Olivia revealed her typical breakfast is eggs and coffee, but explained she doesn't avoid any foods and generally eats whatever she craves.

And when it comes to exercise, her workout of choice tends to be either swimming or riding her bike.

"My typical diet is a coffee with either fried, scrambled or boiled eggs in the morning," she told the MailOnline.

Both girls have secured modelling deals with top Aussie designers, but Olivia explains it's not always as glamorous as it seems.

Younger sister Isabelle, 19, opened up via her Youtube channel, revealing she also starts her day with a caffeine boost and explaining her go-to food is an avocado.

Also a successful model, Isabelle – who used to be a dancer – is a keen traveller and regularly showcases her favourite bikini looks via social media.

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