Bloke shares recipe to make mouthwatering McDonald’s McNuggets at home – and the secret is an egg

A MCDONALD’S fan has revealed how to make their signature McNuggets at home if you’re craving some in the lockdown, and don’t live near any of the restaurants which are re-opening. 

An amateur chef, called Nicko, uploaded the recipe to YouTube entitled ‘secret ingredients exposed’, which has been viewed more than 100,000 times. 

To recreate the famous nugs, needless to say you’ll need chicken, salt, seasoning, flour and corn flour – but you’ll need more eggs than you’d imagine. 

Start with three chicken breasts, ensuring they’re “trimmed, skinless and boneless”. 

Pop them into a blender with one tablespoon salt – and crack an egg over them. 

Nicko says: “Now process the chicken until the consistency becomes half paste and half ground chicken.”

In a separate bowl add 128g of corn flour, and once your chicken is blended it’s time to shape the nuggets.

Nicko says: “Use wet hands to shape the chicken into a nugget shape. Dip in the cornflour, shake off the excess and put aside on a tray.”

Next it’s time to make the batter, so in a large bowl mix 236ml of water, one egg, two tablespoons of mustard, ideally yellow, one tablespoon each of garlic, onion powder, pepper and salt.

McNugget batter mix

  • 236ml water
  • One egg
  • Two tablespoons of yellow mustard
  • One tablespoon of garlic powder
  • One tablespoon of onion powder
  • One tablespoon of pepper
  • One tablespoon of salt
  • 64g of corn flour
  • 128g of plain flour

Mix in 64g of corn flour, 128g of regular flour, and mix thoroughly with a whisk.

Nicko says: “Whisk well, you’re after a thin batter, not too thick.”

Take your nuggets and coat them in the batter, drain off the excess and place them onto a baking tray lined with parchment, and freeze for one hour. 

When they’re ready it’s time to deep fry them, and while Nicko uses canola oil you can probably use whatever you’ve got in your cupboard. 

He says: “Add the nuggets and cook twice, the first batch for five minutes, drain and leave for five minutes, then deep fry for a second time for four minutes.” 

All you have to do is drain off the excess oil on a paper towel, and “serve immediately”.


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