B&M’s sell-out swinging garden chair is finally back in stock and shoppers say it’s better indoors than outside

THE bargain buy had people flocking to their nearest store in hope they'd snatch up one of the stunning swinging egg chairs – and even Mrs Hinch was a fan. 

And now, after an agonising wait, the chair is available again from B&M – and it'll set you back £150.

While the hanging chair was originally intended for your garden, many home-decor enthusiasts – who've been lucky enough to pick one up – have moved it indoors, claiming it looks even better.

One woman took to Facebook to proudly show off her new living space, which featured none other than the ever so popular B&M swinging chair.

Posting to the DIY On A Budget Official, Chloe Louise Margaret Owens from Newcastle, showed off her finished look after adding some faux fur and cushions, making it a cosy addition to her home.

Her living room featured midnight blue walls with white trimmings and sandalwood flooring,  and the grey swinging chair tied in beautifully with the overall design.

Chloe said: " B&M have the swinging egg garden chairs back in for summer coming and I couldn’t be happier after lusting after one for 2 years! Decided to add some faux fur and cushions and make it a welcome addition to my living room instead of putting outside and I’m loving it!"

And it's clear she's not the only one who loved the idea as the post has since racked up over 10,000 likes and 1.3K comments, with many tagging friends and family suggesting the idea.

One woman said: "It's beautiful, I wish I had the room in my house to put it, really pretty."

And a second person wrote: "I’ve had my eye on something like this for my living room too! It’s lovely"

While a third person added: "Absolutely fabulous, well done it looks amazing… I may take your idea if ever I sort out my back room aka dinning room."

Many others also shared pictures of their own chair, which they too placed inside their homes.

One woman had weaved fairy lights through hers, creating a dreamy cocoon-like hide out, while another woman had hers in the corner of her living room and decorated it with cushions to match her sofa.

There's little wonder why the chair is so popular, it's so versatile and makes a wonderful addition to any home or garden.

And there are many alternatives with rival stores such as Wayfair, Argos, Aldi and Wilko having stocked them in the past, but none compare in terms of price with B&M coming in at a very reasonable £150.

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