Breathe (much) easier: TikTok’s teens reaffirm that skinny jeans are over

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The TikTok teens have spoken: skinny jeans are so not cool.

The skin-tight denims once beloved by Millennials are increasingly a thing of the past, rendered obsolete by those extra pandemic pounds and by Gen Z trend-setters, who want a more relaxed, retro fit. 

Google searches for “wide jeans” are on the rise, CNBC reports, noting that brands including Levi’s are seeing an uptick in the sales of their baggier, wider styles.

Meanwhile, teens are eager to start spending money on clothes again, and they’re just not interested in tight-fitting pants, according to the results of Piper Sandler’s biannual “Taking Stock with Teens” report.

Baggy pants and high-waisted “mom jeans” are currently No. 2 and No. 3, respectively, on the list of must-have apparel among teenage girls, the report says.

As for where teens are spending their cash, it’s a mix of old and new labels.

Classic youth brands like Urban Outfitters, American Eagle and Hollister still rank high on Gen Z’s list of favorite brands, while online retailers like Shein and Princess Polly are quickly becoming more popular among teen consumers. 

But it’s not all about the latest fashions.

Young people today are increasingly using thrift marketplaces like Depop, ThredUp, and Poshmark to buy and sell second-hand items in an effort to be more sustainable — and make some extra money, CNBC notes.

And as a bonus, the move toward more comfortable denim fits is also better for the planet, according to

More relaxed jeans don’t contain the non-recyclable, synthetic elastane found in typical skinny jeans or jeggings, Elle noted.

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