Bride-to-be shares engagement ring emblazoned with fiance’s NAME – and horrified people say she’s been branded

A BRIDE-to-be showed off her unusual engagement ring – which is emblazoned with her fiance’s name rather than some bling. 

The woman explained her partner decided to give her the jewellery featuring his name, Braden, in a rose gold design. 

A snap of the bizarre ring was shared to Facebook group That's It, I'm Ring Shaming, where it’s racked up dozens of confused comments. 

The bride-to-be wrote: “He said: ‘I'm giving you my first name until I can give you my last’.”

People aren’t impressed by the gesture, with some claiming the woman had been ‘branded’ rather than proposed to. 

Commenting on the ring, one person said: “Would you also like a dog collar with a tag on it? You know that way if you get lost they know to call your man? (Talk about possessive).”

Another wrote: “Seems more like a brand than a romantic gesture.”

A third thought: “Also that's so f****** cringe, like "Hello, yes I am the male that possesses her. See, here is my name.”

While this woman thought: “No, thank you, Captain Patriarchy. I have my own name.” 

Others thought the gesture showed how immature the couple was, with this person asking: “Okay is Braden a child? Because I don't know why else you would wear someone’s name on you.”

Agreeing, someone else added: “Braden…is she marrying a 4th grader?!

"They might as well get matching friendship bracelets and, I hope they pre-order 10 pallets of Fruit Gushers for the hors d'oeuvres.”

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