Bridezilla DUMPS her sister from the bridal party after she gained 1.5 stone during lockdown

YOUR wedding is one of the most important days of your life – so it's only natural to want everything to be picture-perfect.

And although you can control what they wear and sometimes even their hairstyle on the day, your bridemaids' weight is something that is totally out of your hands.

That said, one bride has been slammed online after she DUMPED her sister from the wedding party for gaining over a stone in lockdown.

Sharing her dilemma on Reddit, the woman explained how her sibling had always been overweight as a child while her five sisters remained "petite".

She wrote: "No one in our family ever treated her badly for her weight, though my mum did try to help her diet several times throughout our childhood for purely health reasons."

Since she was 18, the bride's sister has been in and out of hospital and received treatment for eating disorders -but her weight sadly spiralled out of control again during lockdown.

It makes more sense for her to not be a bridesmaid. That way she can wear whatever she wants, be skinny or fat, show up or not, and it won’t affect the day as a whole.

The bride continued: "Pre-pandemic, [my sister] seemed to be on a recovery kick again. She looked healthy, seemed to be eating normally.

"I was hopeful she could keep it together and felt okay about asking her to be a bridesmaid at that point."

As a result of the pandemic, the bride saw her sister for the first time since February on Christmas Day.

"She has gained a LOT of weight in that time, probably 10kg, which is a lot because she’s short," the bride said. "This is a huge red flag to me because prior relapses have been preceded by weight gain, which seems to trigger another relapse."

As a result, the bride decided to dump her from the wedding party so her sister didn't feel self-conscious on the big day.

She added: "It makes more sense for her to not be a bridesmaid. That way she can wear whatever she wants, be skinny or fat, show up or not, and it won’t affect the day as a whole."

Unsurprisingly, the news upset the bride's sister – but she agreed not to be a bridesmaid.

"I texted her after Christmas to be ask if she was doing okay. Sure enough, she admitted she’d been having body image issues since gaining weight during lockdown," the bride wrote.

"I kindly asked her to step down from being a bridesmaid, explaining that it was for her own good and I was only doing this because I cared about her. She seemed upset but agreed to step down."

Although the bride's mum and sisters agree with her decision, her father has been left "furious" while her fiancé is horrified by her behaviour.

Asking if she was in the wrong, she added: "Protecting my wedding day is part of my consideration here."

"Bride sounds so self-centered," one user replied. "Thank god the fiancé talked some sense into her."

Another added: "The obsession over the wedding pictures is disgusting. Why does a wedding have to be an Instagram event?"

Meanwhile, a third argued: "Maybe she went about it the wrong way, but her feelings are valid. Also what girl doesn’t dream a perfect wedding day, it’s natural to overthink all the variables that play into it."

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