You can now get Pandora charms for as little as £5 in their summer sale… but you better move quick

Where we usually spend days deciding which charm to add to our favourite bracelets, we can literally buy three for the price of one with the current price cuts.

Luckily for us, a stunning selection of charms have been reduced to only a fiver.

Meanwhile, their fun fabric cord bracelets have also gone down to £15 in a whole range of summery colours. Winning.

Not to mention some of the cute Disney and Minnie Mouse pendants that have also gone down in the sale.

We dare you to browse through the site without adding at least one bargain to your shopping bag.

  • Blue Heart Locket Charm, £5 from Pandora – buy now

  • Minnie Mouse Pendant Charm, £19 from Pandora – buy now

  • Symbol of Hope Pendant, £10 from Pandora – buy now

In other words, Pandora are convincing us to buy the whole store.

But with prices this low, we seriously can't imagine stock lasting long.

So if you're hoping to revamp your charm bracelet then you better act quickly.

For the sake of our bank balances, we're just hoping all the summer sales aren't this irresistible.

  • Fabric Cord Bracelet, £15 from Pandora – buy now

  • Pink Droplet ring, £15 from Pandora – buy now

  • Minnie Portrait Charm, £35 from Pandora – buy now

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