Can you spot the royal baby in a nursery full of crawling tots?

This mind-boggling Where’s Wally-style search, created by, shows a packed nursery with dozens of tots running – or crawling – amok.

But, among the sprogs is one very privileged infant – the Royal baby.

Prince Louis has one distinguishing feature – he’s wearing one of his great granny’s crowns!

Can you find him or will this puzzle leave you going “ga ga” founder Siobahn Freegard said : "Looking for Prince Louis isn't as easy as it sounds.

While he may have the most hipster name of any recent Royal, he's well hidden in the plush Royal nursery.

“But will you be crowned the winner by finding him?"

How long did it take you?

This is what Kate Middleton and Prince William said to each other when they revealed the royal baby to the world.

It's the first time in history that a boy will not precede his older sister in the line of succession, with Princess Charlotte remaining fourth, behind brother George.

Last month we told how Prince Charles fuelled rumours that his wife Camilla Barker Bowles might become queen, after a statement saying she will become "Princess Consort" was removed from his website.

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