Cardi B Is Newest Fitness Ambassador For Reebok, Joining Gigi Hadid & Ariana Grande

Cardi B is showing her sporty side, as the newest face of Reebok! See her first campaign image below!

Cardi B, 26, continues to expand her resume — not only is she an award-winning singer, world class performer, wife and mother, but now, she’s a fitness ambassador for Reebok! She joins mega stars like Ariana Grande, Gal Gadot, Gigi Hadid and Nina Dobrev as a face of the brand! In her first campaign image, she is wearing the Classics Advanced Track Pants, which are only $65, and the Classics Advanced Track Jacket, which is $70. The set also comes in a bold blue color with orange accents.

In the first official pic, she’s wearing the unisex shoe Reebok Aztrek, in black and white. The first image showcases her signature style of not giving AF — she’s got her hands up, and her tongue out! She doesn’t care what people think and that’s what makes her so likable and relatable! It takes a big star to be a face of an athletic brand like Reebok — congrats to Cardi!

Reebok is great because not only are their shoes and clothing functional, but fashionable as well! I recently worked out with Nina Dobrev and she told EXCLUSIVELY about the Reebok line and her favorite athleisuire: “It makes it so much easier to jump onto a brand and a company that: A. You not only like the material and the functionality of their clothes, but also the way they look; that’s why my slogan for confidence is when you look good, you feel good. And that’s both physically externally and superficially, as well as it is mentally and internally.” See more strong women who are fitness ambassadors in the gallery attached above!


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