Cash App Enters the Streetwear Market with Line of Graphic-Covered Essential Pieces

“It’s all about the Benjamins,” as the old adage goes, and Cash App has become the go-to way to send and receive money for millions around the globe today — becoming so popular along the way that it’s even been immortalized in songs by Roddy Rich, City Girls, Iggy Azalea and more. Now, Cash App is nodding to its place in youth and streetwear culture with Cash by Cash App, a brand-new apparel collection inspired by the vibrancy of its youthful base.

Made up of gender neutral sweatshirts, T-shirts, track jackets and other essential pieces, Cash by Cash App offers vibrant colors, intricate patterns and clever graphics designed in house by Cash App’s own Brand Studio team. Standout items include a wavy, warped tracksuit that blends blue, pink and neon hues, a black crewneck sweatshirt covered from collar to cuff in colorful creatures, and even a hybrid hoodie dress that boasts an illustration of hands with their nails painted Cash App green. The playful intertwining of themes and symbols that relate to money (like the Eye of Providence) appear throughout the collection as well.

The first drop from Cash by Cash App is available now via an interactive 3D experience on the, with more drops set to occur until February 2021. Customers that pay with their Cash App can receive 25% off of their purchase.
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