Cleaning fan shares quick and easy hack to keep bathroom mirrors fog free – and all you need is dish soap

NEVER thought there was a way to prevent your mirrors from steaming up while you're having a hot shower? Think again.

One cleaning fan has revealed a quick and easy hack that will keep your bathroom mirror fog free at all times – meaning you can ditch furiously wiping away at the steam with a towel to get rid.

TikTok user @lenacleansup shared the genius trick they had come across and all it requires is cleaning your mirror with dish soap.

While they opted for Dawn Platinum Powerwash spray (available from Amazon) to test out the fog-free method, any dish soap will do.

Sharing a step-by-step video online that has now been watched over 2.1million times, Lena demonstrated how it works by wiping down her mirror with dish soap and buffing until clean.

She purposely left the bottom section of her mirror to show the difference and then turned on the shower using the hot water tap.

As the bathroom started to steam up, the bottom section of the mirror was covered in fog, but the top half that she had covered in dish soap stayed clean and clear.

Lena urged others to try it out for themselves and those watching were so impressed with the results.

One person commented: "Omg I'm soooo trying that!"

Another said: "I knew it cleans the mirror really good and faster but I didn't know it did this too."

A third revealed that shaving cream would also work in the same way and posted: "I've been doing this for years, it works with shaving cream too."

Plenty of others were considering using the same technique on their glasses to stop them from steaming up, with one viewer commenting: "Not me thinking about using it on my glasses."

The hack wasn't for everyone, though, as another person joked: "Here's the thing: I showered at a friend's house and the mirror didn't fog and… I didn't want to see all of that."

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