Coachella 2022: Festival fashion trends we've spotted so far

Coachella kicks off this weekend, and while yes, we’re excited about Harry Styles singing with Shania Twain, what we’re really looking out for is the fashion.

What people wear at Coachella rarely exactly mirrors festival style in the UK – after all, Indio is more sunhats and sandals than welly boots and parkas.

But trends we spot at the California festival do seem to trickle down and have a lasting influence, even if it’s in more subtle ways.

So, what are people wearing this year, at Coachella 2022?

We’re rounding up the festival style trends as we spot them.

Cowgirl chic

When I say yee, you say haw.

For 2022, we’re going all country music star, with cowboy hats and western boots.

Statement eyewear

Remember when everyone was wearing shutter shades?

We can thank God and Kanye that these haven’t made a comeback (yet…), but we are seeing a surge of other wildly impractical eyewear.

Why wear standard sunglasses when you could pop a section of a mirror ball over your eyes, or go for glasses missing the top bit of their frames… and the lenses?

Group coordination

Ever showed up to an event with wildly different aesthetics within your squad?

Don’t let this happen at a festival this summer.

Take note from influencer Maggie McCormack by planning out your gang’s coordinating looks in advance.

All white

This might not be the most practical festival look (especially in the UK – think of the mud), but it’s undeniably chic.

Plus, no need to faff about with what pieces in your wardrobe go together. As long as everything’s white, chuck it on.

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