Colorful Winter Clothes to Keep You Cheerful

Every now and then, you’re bound to face a case of the Monday blues. It’s only natural — especially during the winter season. When the sun sets on the earlier side and nights feel shorter than usual, it’s understandable if you find yourself with seasonal affective disorder. Of course, that’s only amplified on Blue Monday (aka the most depressing day of the year).

In case you didn’t already know, Blue Monday comes every January. This year, it falls on Jan. 18. And if you’re feeling an added sense of sadness that day, blame it on that. Of course, just because that specific Monday has been officially deemed as a particularly “blue” day doesn’t mean you have to feel blue. We already rounded up the best items to help you beat your seasonal depression on Blue Monday (or any other time you need a pick-me-up). Once you’ve stocked up on those, it’s time to bring the cheer to your wardrobe — and what better way to do that than with bright and colorful clothes?

Whether you’re the type of person who saves bold colors for special occasions or you like to wear the colors of the rainbow on a daily basis, a vibrant splash is the perfect way to dress the way you want to feel. Even on those dreary, overcast days, an eye-catching palette is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

From everyday staples like cozy sweaters and winter coats to smaller accessories, scroll down to see ET Style’s favorite fashion pieces that are sure to add a touch of cheer to your winter blues.

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