Couple share the sweet photo booth pictures they've taken every year for the past 18 years

Award-winning children's author Giles Paley-Phillips met his future wife Michelle in 2000 and on a day out in Brighton the couple had their picture taken in the booth at Brighton Station so they would always remember it.

The couple, from Seaford, East Sussex, have now had the same picture taken 18 years in a row, adding family members as they arrive.

The pictures are always taken around late October or early November.

They married in 2002 and have two children Elijah, 11, and Sonny, nine.

Elijah joined in his first photo booth picture in 2008 and Sonny in 2009.

Giles, 41, said: "Photo booths were popular in the early 2000s and although they have slowly faded, they bring back a lot of nostalgic memories.

"These days we can take as many pictures as we want until we are satisfied, but photo booths capture that one special moment.

"I posted my photo booth pictures on Twitter and I got more than 10,000 shares and likes.

"People said to me it's a fantastic idea.

"We don't do multiple pictures on the same occasion otherwise it won't be special.

"We want to recreate the first time when we took the photo. Michelle and I had such a happy and silly time.

"Items can evoke certain memories. I still have a train pass that I used when I was at school."

Gile spent a number of years performing around the UK in a band but when they split up he took up a number of odd jobs.

He then started writing children's stories and his debut book, The Fearsome Beastie, won the People's Book Prize and Bizziebaby Gold Award.


He has launched a podcast show, Blank, with comedian Tom Daly on Spotify, iTunes and Acast.

The programme looks at celebrities' careers when things are not working out for them.

They have interviewed guests including author Jon Ronson and Michael Rosen, Gary Lineker and actress Amanda Abbington.


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