Embarrassing Bodies doctor Dawn Harper reveals the unsightly medical problem that plagues her… and 10m UK women share her pain

But, Dawn isn’t alone when it comes to the unsightly (and painful) condition – 10million women in the UK also suffer with the foot problem.

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And, a huge range of A-List celebs including Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez and Amal Clooney are also bunion sufferers.

Dawn, who has paired up with Sole Bliss for National Bunion Day today, says she thinks people “are funny” when it comes to feet – but that they shouldn’t be embarrassed to seek help.

She said:  “Bunions are incredibly common. Around about a third of women over 30 have bunions and many women in the UK just kept quiet.

“I think people are funny about feet anyway.

“So often when people come in and they have a foot problem they apologise and they say ‘oh god I’m sorry’ – you don’t have to be sorry as I look at feet every day.”

And, when it comes to people with “embarrassing” health problems, Dawn reckons that feet are one that people shy away most from.

She added: “Bunions are definitely up there [with the most embarrassing], fungal toenails as well and athlete's foot.

“We spend all day on their feet and I think most people don’t have pretty feet – so it’s not their most attractive part and they don’t like getting them out.”

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But, while many women totter around in high heels and ignore pain, once bunions are formed they are there for good – unless you have painful surgery.

She added: “There are things you can do, you know, wearing better fitting shoes, it doesn’t have to be flat shoes, now it can be Sole Bliss shoes.

“You can get gel pads that you can get from the chemist to put over it just to support it and you can get splints that hold the toe in a position overnight – but you’re not going to correct it once it’s formed.

“On a medical level I think it’s really important that women don’t rush into bunion surgery, it’s a big deal and some never get back into their heels afterwards because their toes and some of them get recurrent bunions.”

Dawn, who says she can’t be without her heels and feels “frumpy” without them, started to develop a big bunion on her right foot in her late 30s – leading her to find wearing her believe heels increasingly painful.

She added: “I’m quite short and I love fashion and heels and I look a bit frumpy and a bit ‘aunty marmalade’ without them.

“So, I came across Sole Bliss and, for me, teaming up with them was a complete no brainer.

“On a personal level I can wear so many shoes and be comfortable but still look stylish – rather than having to carry flats with me.”

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And, when it comes to going to the GP herself, Dawn says she tries to be “very matter of fact” – rather than get self-conscious, as many patients on Embarrassing Bodies have done.

She added: “When I need to go and see a doctor I am very matter of fact about it because I know.

“I’ve seen people who have said ‘I’ve waited to see you because I know you don’t mind embarrassing things’ – well actually what Christian and I did on Embarrassing Bodies was what other doctors do up and down the country every day of the week, the difference is we’ve got cameras in our rooms.”

So will Embarrassing Bodies be back on our screens any time soon?

Dawn added: “Embarrassing Bodies is still on hold – I’ve got negotiations going on with a couple of new books which is keeping me busy and, actually, I’ve got a couple of products that I’m not allowed to tell you about. I’m not retiring just yet!”

National Bunion Day, launched by Sole Bliss Shoes (www.solebliss.com) and their brand ambassador Dr Dawn Harper, is on April 26th 2018.

For more information please visit www.nationalbunionday.com

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